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tom has now left Leeds and this site isn't being updated anymore. Shout if you want to pick it up.

This site is tom's attempt to document the undocumented processes in Leeds' School of Computing. Nothing here is official - just a dump of heresay. Official sources have improved since I started. See School Sharepoint and the Wiki on Teams. Please contribute via pull-requests

A Computing specific version of the unis's link dump.

You know the relationship between the School and IT is great when IT nxdomains you.

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AAM: Annual Academic Meeting (staff review meeting)
CISTIB: Frangi's Biomed research group.
CDT: Center for Doctoral Training (usually our fluid dynamics one)
ECR: ??
EPS:  see FEPS
FEPS: Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
FTE:Full time equivalent, until of staff work-load
HoS: Head of School (Andy)
IAB: Industrial Advisory Board
IPE: Integrated Planning Exercise (planning for coming year in December)
LUBS: Business school
ODL: The group who offer staff development courses.
Nexus: The new building housing a good coffee shop and mediocre startups.
NNS: National Student Survey
PDRA: Post Doctoral Research Assistant (Postdoc)
PGCAP: Module teaching inexperienced lecturers how to lecture
QAT: Faculty's Quality Assurance Team
: Research Excellence Framework
SMT: School Management Team (the staff with Director in their job name).
SPIR: Purchase request system
SRDS: yearly (post-probation) assessment from line manager.
STSEC: ?! A meeting where they review modules for the following year.
SWJTU: FEPS has a joint school in Chengdu, China.
SoC: School of Computing
SSO: Student support office in the Long Room on Level 9
TEF: Teaching Excellence Framework
twak: tom ;)