Email from Beth Feb 2019:

The timetable data collection process for 2019/20 has commenced.

Please can you provide the information requested below so that I can start the scheduling in good time, which will enable me to secure the most convenient rooms at the most convenient times possible. The School of Computing has grown in size considerably in recent years, which means that there are greater constraints than ever on room allocation. As a result we do not have the flexibility we have previously enjoyed around timetabling.


A lecture, tutorial and lab session form has been attached. Please complete a separate form for each activity for your module(s) providing as much detail as possible. Please ensure that that the information you provide matches the module catalogue. The timetable has to match this in terms of activities scheduled. If you have any requirements in terms of sequencing of activities, eg. the weekly teaching pattern should be lecture, lab, lab, this must be included in the information provided.


If you are teaching a module with another member of staff and the lectures will be split between each of you, please indicate this on the forms which lectures and tutorials each member of staff will be responsible for.  This will allow me to set up the appropriate lecture capture ownership for each of you.


If your module has Ethics Sessions included in the teaching, please indicate which week(s) you would like these sessions to take place and I will include this in the timetable when it is created.  I understand that corrections may be required once you have spoken to colleagues in IDEA.


While I will do my best to ensure that all lectures, labs and tutorials are scheduled as requested, I cannot guarantee that it will be possible to meet all requests due to the number of constraints within the timetabling process.


Please return these forms to me either electronically or by hand to the SSO by Friday, 15th March 2019. I will then start working on the scheduling. I will need the time after the 17th March to ensure that the activities can be allocated appropriate rooms. If the forms are not received by the 17th March I cannot guarantee a convenient room allocation and activities may have to move to secure a room.