Email August 2019 from

Please use the Reading Lists tool on Minerva to update and submit your reading list to the Library to improve the student experience, as the Library will provide the items you recommend.

If there are no changes to your list review it and publish it in Minerva to let us know you have checked it.

If there is no reading list for the module, let us know by ticking “There will not be a reading list for this module”.


Please let the Library know if any of the following apply:

·         The module is not running this year.

·         You are not the module manager (if you know who is the module manager, please let us know their details).

·         You have existing Online Course Readings (OCR) digitised book chapters or journal articles, which are no longer relevant; copyright law dictates that we have to remove them.

To see your 2019/20 modules, change the display of modules from This Year (18/19) to Everything (you may have to scroll through the list/use Search to find them).

Take a look at our step-by-step guides on how to create, add to and manage your reading lists on Minerva.

·         Download the quick guide (PDF)

·         Create or update your reading lists

As confirmed by Taught Student Education Board (TSEB), all reading lists should be made available through the Minerva reading list tool. Do contact us on the e-mail below if anything is unclear.