comments/emails about exams:


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Email from Natasha, March 2019: If you get an email from the SSO about CW exemption for a particular student, please enter * in SIS. When you finalise semester 2 results in June, do not do any manual recalculations or grade adjustment for students with exemptions. Email from Sam, Jan 2020:
On the examination day
On the day of your examination the School expects that you are available to answer any queries that may arise regarding the examination paper.  You are expected to attend the first 10 minutes of your examination. Please also leave your contact details with the invigilators in the examination venue. If for some reason you are unable to attend the start of your exam or you will not be reachable during the examination please come and speak to me or Mark Walkley so we can arrange alternative cover.
Marking examinations
Examinations will be available for collection from the SSO. The office will email you and let you know when they are ready for collection. Marking of examinations should be completed in red pen only. It is the responsibility of the module leader to enter the grades into SIS carefully considering the following cases before finalising the results:
Examination marks
Coursework marks

Once the grades are finalised the module leader is responsible for submitting the following paperwork to the Student Support Office:

The School asks that all the relevant paperwork is submitted to the SSO within 5 days of the examination papers being ready for collection from the SSO. If you feel that you will be unable to meet this deadline then please discuss with me or Mark Walkley.
Internally assessing examinations
Internal assessors are required to assess 10% (minimum of 5) of the examination papers and coursework submissions. Assessing should be completed in green pen only. Please could you also sign the front cover of the examination scripts you have assessed.