Digital teaching resources

Minerva. Leeds' teaching system - the student's first contact with the module module. Can be used to email students, return grades...

Lectures Video Recording Mediasite: live lectures are recorded onto this automatically. Here you can edit, (un)publish, download and manage the lecture video recordings. Lectures are recorded by default, you will be emailed a link after your lecture (to make it accessible click the padlock icon), otherwise they become accessible to your students after 72 hours (change this behaviour).

Collaborate Ultra has never worked well for me. Students complained about bitrates for live streams. Sending slides down the video channel (which works well in every other streaming system) produced very poor results - required some custom slide setup which barfed when exposed to lots of video. Poor integration with desktop and China. Avoid if possible.

OBS Opensource software which allows you to combine multiple video source (powerpoint, video, screen capture, multiple cameras) and stream at the same time as recording (i.e. to upload to MS Stream).

The omnipresent MS Teams works as advertised, but becomes difficult with our class sizes.

Zoom is available for staff here. Click sign-in. I used this to run tutorials to avoid calling the entire MS Teams channel.

Useful Stream Channels with tutorials on tools and technology:

Youtube downloader to embed youtube videos in slides etc... Make sure you have permission!

Gradescope. Useful tool for online exams/weekly pop-quizes, excellent smart exam grading UI (more automated/faster than Minerva).