This is for supervisors and assessors of final year project students (COMP3931 Individual Project).
  1. Please try to meet your supervisees once every two weeks on average during Semester 2.
  2. Thursdays 2-4pm are set aside as project time for students, so they should all be available for e.g. group meetings, although I cannot guarantee they don’t have a lab in this time slot.
  3. Please try to asses the Intermediate Reports as soon as possible into Semester 1; instructions below. Thanks to staff who have already done theirs (about 30% at time of writing).
Assessing intermediate reports:
The list of supervisors and assessors is on SIS (scroll down to see groupings by supervisor or assessor):
Instructions for assessors:
  1. Log into Minerva/VLE and go to module COMP3931 Individual Project.
  2. Select Grade Centre ->  Full Grade Centre from the left-hand menu (near bottom).
  3. Find the column for Intermediate Report (you may need to use the lower scroll bar).
  4. If there is a yellow exclamation mark for your student, it has been submitted. Move the cursor over the box, click on the arrow and select   Attempt   . This will open the Modify Gradepage.
  5. Click the icon for User's Paper and read the report. This will open up Feedback Studio. You can also download the originally submitted file (down arrow in the right-hand menu).
  6. Select Rubric/Form  from the right-hand panel in Feedback Studio (the icon is 8 small squares), and answer all but the very last “Yes/No/Cannot Say” question (instructions will appear at the bottom).
  7. Once finished, close the box using the cross in the top right-hand corner (it auto-saves).
  8. Provide free text feedback. There are two places to do this: Feedback summary  (the blue pen-and-paper icon) in Feedback Studio; or the Comments box under Feedback to User in the Modify Grade page. It is a good idea to cut-and-paste into both locations so the student can easily find it.
  9. Put a mark of 0 (zero) for the grade, so the student can see the feedback is ready.
  10. Click Submit from the Modify Grade page (bottom right-hand corner).
Instructions for supervisors:
This is best done just prior to meeting the student in Semester 2.
  1. Follow the instructions for assessors, but only answer the very last question in  Rubric/Form.
  2. If there is a submission but the assessor has not yet provided feedback, please send them a quick reminder.
If you’re still reading this - congratulations! Also, instructions for all procedures are now on Minerva should you ever lose one of these emails:
Minerva: COMP3931 Individual Project -> Forms and Templates (staff) -> Staff Only: Procedures (at bottom).
You will need to have edit mode ‘On’ to see this folder (upper right hand corner).