This page was written while at leeds for the wiki while it was on uni hardware, it had the uncomplimentary bits redacted after a meeting with IT. May or may not be true!

"IT causes, and solves, half of the problems in my life"

"Leeds IT is still working on the second part…"

IT Tickets. Make all requests here or email. Use this for everything from “install a font” to “my mouse is broken” to “install XXX in Dec10”. You will need lots of requests to get anything done. There is better interface to mange multiple requests here.

IT Service Desk. On level 10 in EC Stoner (up staircase 2, turn left, room has a big glass front). You can wait in line to have someone tell  you they can’t fix your problem.

Uptime. See what is broken today here.

Website. Edit your university (Jadu) webpage here. It will be listed publicly here. It finds publications from Symplectic automatically. To advertise PhD projects on the university’s portal, use this. There is no way to list only your PhD projects… Both these system have a delay while marketing checks your content before uploading.

Group websites. Sites like this ( are run by research groups. They are wordpress installs on WPE. They all use the uni’s theme. Apply here. VCG pays about £500 per year for the privilege of 3Gb storage and being able to write our own plugins (one of tom’s plugins). This is the only “free” web presence we are allowed – “so that marketing can always edit your content for compliance”.

Dec10. The School’s Linux lab on lvl 10 EC Stoner. (named after the PDP-10 terminal in the room) The air conditioning is controlled from the locked office so the room is usually too hot/cold/smells of cheese. If your lab is scheduled, you can ask everyone else to leave.

Faculty Linux Computers. You can get an online clone of the Dec10 environmnet on feng (alternative. Both require VPN?!). It is also possible to shell into any of the Dec10 machines. They use the module system to access installed software (“module avail” at the command line).

Admin. At Leeds most staff don’t get admin permissions. Every piece of software or font must be requested from IT. This usually takes 2 weeks. This makes doing computing research impractical (to say the least). To get admin permissions, follow these instructions, it will help to get the form signed by Andy. This is the one I submitted. “IT is too slow to install software” won’t work, try “I need nvidia-docker”. They will fight you, will probably ask for an in-person interview – be prepared to be difficult. They might threaten to remove network access – they do have a network they can give you access to if you make enough noise (network will be wired, but won’t be “internal”). IT will give you bios level access if you make enough of a fuss.

Internet. Generally less than 100Mbs.

Remote access.

  • Your desktop machine will have a static ip.
  • Leeds uni IP block seems to be
  • Shell in from outside campus using ssh  You can then shell into most local machines.
  • Tony recommends:
  • VPN info (win, osx, linux info missing). Some services won’t work over VPN (SIS: yes; Mais: no)
  • Desktop anywhere is a desktop windows remote.