unofficial School of Computing wiki

tom has now left Leeds (it was a very silly place) and this site isn't being updated anymore.

This page is tom's attempt to document some of processes in Leeds' School of Computing. Nothing here is official - just a dump of heresay. Official sources have improved since I started. See School Sharepoint and the Wiki on Teams. Please contribute via pull-requests

A Computing specific version of the univeristy's link dump.

You know everything is going well when IT nxdomains your URL and Chrome gives you a special popup


AAM: Annual Academic Meeting (staff review meeting)
CISTIB: Frangi's Biomed research group.
CDT: Center for Doctoral Training (usually our fluid dynamics one)
ECR: ??
EPS:  see FEPS
FEPS: Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
FTE:Full time equivalent, until of staff work-load
HoS: Head of School (Andy)
IAB: Industrial Advisory Board
IPE: Integrated Planning Exercise (planning for coming year in December)
LUBS: Business school
ODL: The group who offer staff development courses.
Nexus: The new building housing a good coffee shop and mediocre startups.
NNS: National Student Survey
PDRA: Post Doctoral Research Assistant (Postdoc)
PGCAP: Module teaching inexperienced lecturers how to lecture
QAT: Faculty's Quality Assurance Team
: Research Excellence Framework
SMT: School Management Team (the staff with Director in their job name).
SPIR: Purchase request system
SRDS: yearly (post-probation) assessment from line manager.
STSEC: ?! A meeting where they review modules for the following year.
SWJTU: FEPS has a joint school in Chengdu, China.
SoC: School of Computing
SSO: Student support office in the Long Room on Level 9
TEF: Teaching Excellence Framework
twak: tom ;)